Back to brave

Back to brave

Spirit, imagination and friendship – we’re starting the new year with these words in mind.

Our ambition for 2020 is to empower, inspire and wow with our clothes. To be bold and courageous. After all, that’s what Palones is all about.

Palones Street Style

 Meet the Palones


The word PALONES is a term used in a secret language called Polari, a slang that was used in certain closed circles in London up until the 1970s. It means ‘Sassy Women.’ It features in the 1947 film adaptation of Graeme Greens celebrated book - Brighton Rock.

We love the London heritage this evokes and that we might now give this secret word freedom. Our name is also us and our customer; we are the Palones, the friends, the bold, the brave.

“We’re positive, warm and inclusive.

Our approach is bold and courageous.

We lead never follow.”

 Lisa Tie Dye Midi Dress

Morgan is wearing Lisa Tie Dye Midi Dress in pink 



We talk about this a lot. We can’t say it enough - fit is first. We’ll say it again – fit is first. As you can probably tell, it’s paramount to us. And there’s a simple reason  for it – clothes feel good when they fit well. And when we feel great in our clothes it inspires confidence. We stand a little taller in the right trousers. We’re a little bolder in our stride.

To create the perfect fit, we spend literally hundreds of hours and all of our combined, extensive knowledge. 

We rigorously challenge our fits, checking them on a range of women of the same size, (just because you’re a size 10, it doesn’t mean you’re the same shape as every other size 10) this ensures that we capture the right measurements. Then, using 3D technology, we create a virtual avatar based on the experience and the measurements we’ve taken and design and fit our clothes to it.

Palones Lemon Pleated Overlay Skirt and Purple Regenerated Trousers

Morgan is wearing Lemon Pleated Overlay Shirt and Regenerated Wide Leg Trouser 


Once we’ve designed and fitted the clothes it’s time to make them. We make to the highest quality. 

The result is a garment that will become a future staple; a go-to piece that’s always there like an old friend waiting to make you feel good.



We’re proud of our London heritage. London has always been the heartland of tailored outerwear; it is in our DNA. Our design studio is in Kentish Town, a colourful residential area just north of London’s West End.

London By Palones

We draw inspiration from all aspects of our city - it’s people, it’s architecture and the lifestyle it has to offer.




“Clothes for life, not landfill.”

FABRIC: We figure there’s more than enough beautiful material in the world already. That’s why we aim to use carefully selected archive fabrics that would otherwise go to waste, while other elements of the garment, such as lining and trims, are recycled. Our fabrics are always sourced close to the factories where our garments are made, reducing transport pollution.

TECHNOLOGY: The hi-tech 3D software we use to design our clothes means we can create digital garments, reducing wastage.

PACKACKING: Our packaging is fully recycled and recyclable.

PEOPLE: We believe in protecting the people who make our clothes. Our garments are manufactured in fully compliant factories in Europe and the Far East that we have worked with for years. We have in-house ethical and sustainability teams at source to ensure that the highest standards are met. Notting Hill Wide Leg Trouser and Sleeveless Utility

Morgan is wearing Notting Hill Sleeveless Utility and Notting Hill Wide Leg Trouser  carefully made using archive yarn


    To us, waste is the enemy. It’s a principle we take through everything we do. Whether we’re designing and manufacturing our clothes, or just filling every moment with everything we love.


    Photography by Chuck Bae / CB Studio