Feeling Good.

Feeling Good.


For us, fit is first. So, it’s fitting that our first blog post is about fit.

So why is fit so important? Well, garments that fit well are empowering.

They give us confidence and make us happy. When we feel good in our clothes it changes our attitude, our posture, even the way we walk. It’s never about what other people think. It’s always about how we feel about ourselves. Ready to take on the day and all that comes with it. The good and the not so good, it makes no difference when you’re in the right trousers.



We spend literally hundreds of hours making sure our clothes fit perfectly. First, we examine all of the data we have on fit from our combined years of fashion experience. Then, to be sure, we take 10 women who are the same size and take an average measurement from all of them. (Just because you’re a size 10, it doesn’t mean you’re the same shape as every other size 10 out there.)

Finally, using 3D technology, we create a virtual avatar based on our experience and the measurements we’ve taken and design and fit our clothes to it. 


Once we’ve designed and fitted the clothes it’s time to make them. And we make them to the highest quality. They’re built to last. The result is a garment that will become a future staple. A go-to piece that’s always there like an old friend waiting to make you feel good.


And we all deserve to feel good.


Photography by Chuck Bae / CB Studio