For the Love of it all…

For the Love of it all…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. Those 24 hours where we celebrate all that is love. So perhaps it’s fitting that this week we’re talking about some of the things that we hold closest to our hearts.



It’s where we’re from. Well, Kentish Town to be precise. A little neighbourhood just north of Camden. A real neighbourhood, with a soul and people who have lived here all their lives. It’s our type of London.

The under the skin of it, London. Not the snow-dome, souvenir shop version. Nothing here but the truth.

Kentish Town London

 Kentish Town is our neighbourhood


Our city breaths its cultures – all of them. It’s in the quirks and the colours and the people and the places.

In all the details. Both big and small. Discovered and undiscovered. It’s in the try-something-new-every-day-cafes. And the hear-something-different-every-night-venues. It’s in the paint on the walls. In the galleries and on the streets. It’s in every creative heart and in all those who dare to follow their dreams. It seeps into everything we do.

Palones Kimmi Check Reversible CoatThe Kimmi Reversible Check Crombie. The Barbican. 



We love them. Polka dots. They’re always so happy. We can’t help but smile in their presence.

Always together all in neat little rows. How can something so ordered feel so free? Dots not spots there’s a difference. Around for over 100 years, big in the 50s, yet forever young. Yeah, we’re in love with polka dots. And that’s why we put them all over the most romantic dress in our Spring Summer 2020 collection  – The Chelsea Spot Organza Dress.

Palones Chelsea Spot DressThe Chelsea Spot Organza Dress



… all green and fresh and flowers. Spring bursts in with all its colour. And boom the bloom is back. Warmer, longer days, and all just in time. Bring on brighter days, brighter smiles and brighter clothes.


Palones Spring Summer 2020

Basket Weave Knit Jumper in Yellow and BlueFloral Pleat Detail Shirt DressLilac Pleat Sleeve SB Duster and Paper Bag Wide Leg Trouser



Have a happy Valentine’s Day.


Love, Love, Love,