Lift off.

Lift off.

Last Thursday evening we had our launch party in Covent Garden. It was amazing to see so many familiar faces wearing our clothes.

Looking around, it felt like we’d come a long way. We first started to think about our brand about a year and a half ago in our small studio in Kentish Town.

When we originally set up Palones, we made a promise to ourselves - that whatever we did, we’d always do it with three basic principles in mind - spirit, imagination and friendship.

SPIRIT - Because we believe in positive energy. If you love what you do, then you’re likely to be good at it.

IMAGINATION - Because we believe that creativity should have no boundaries.

FRIENDSHIP - Because nothing is more important than our relationships with other people.

And so, with spirit, imagination and friendship, we launched our brand with a party. And we have to say, there was plenty of all three in the room.

Thanks to everyone who came. You really helped to make it a great evening.