The Party Edit: Rebirth of sassy

The Party Edit: Rebirth of sassy

We believe that clothes should make you feel good. It’s why we put so much emphasis on how our garments fit.

But let’s not underestimate style. Or sass, as we like to call it.

Every Palones girl has it. But what exactly is it?

Firstly, if someone calls you sassy, take it as a compliment. Trust us, it’s a good thing.

As a word perhaps sassy feels a little old-fashioned - conjuring imagery of a finger waving woman who ends every sentence with, ‘girlfriend.’ But we don’t see it that way. In our opinion, sassy is more relevant now than it’s ever been.

A sassy woman is outspoken and confident, self-assured, spirited and bold. Just like the women we design our clothes for. A sassy woman is stylish and chic.

We believe that sassy women are the light of this world. They’re quick witted, stylish and most of all, chic. Make no mistake, Sassy can take care of itself and looks good whilst it does it.

Sassy is the text book definition of independence. Don’t get us wrong, a sassy woman will let her boyfriend pay for dinner, but she’ll hit him back down the line.

We’re not born with sass, it’s something we develop as we gain experience. It’s about keeping your cool in in difficult situations. It’s about class, style and of course, intelligence.

Sassy women are fun to be around. They’re lively and vivacious. If they want to let you know how they feel, they’ll do it in a playful, not hurtful way. Never confuse sassiness with bitchiness. Not led by emotion, sassy is something far smarter and considered than bitchy. If a put down is necessary, a sassy woman does it with a smile, without the intention to hurt, but with an ambition to make others see her point of view. And trust us, her point of view is usually the right one.

Above all, sassy women don’t follow the flow. They create their own. They walk the walk, dance the dance and it’s always to their own beat. So, put on your sassy pants. It’s time to show them what you’ve got.

And to all those who lack the sass - good luck keeping up.


With sassy in mind we’d like to introduce our Party Edit. The garments have been created around the idea of movement. 

Designed for women who dance to their own beat, our collection will add a little sass to your moves this Christmas. And because we’re a limited-edition brand, you’re extremely unlikely to bump into someone else wearing the same outfit on the dancefloor.



This chiffon print, layered piece has a high neckline and the option to be worn loose or belted at the waist for a more feminine silhouette. The whisper-weight, tiered fabric adds an extra swish to your dance moves. A perfectly sassy party dress.

Palones Debbie Spot Dress


The Carnaby Organza Ruffle Dress. This elegantly feminine, sheer piece has a high neckline and ruffled, flared sleeves and hemline. The garment is underpinned by a fitted, black slip. Both modern and classic in equal measure.

Palones Carnaby Organza Dress



Inspired by The Great Gatsby, (what could be sassier?) this beautiful, column shaped party dress is made from carefully sourced archive fabric and features a mix of sequined tassels and embroidery.

Palones Lisa Sequin Dress


 Studio Photography by Charl Marais