The Sunday Scroll - Styling and Sale Picks with Sophie Yesufu, Stylist

The Sunday Scroll - Styling and Sale Picks with Sophie Yesufu, Stylist

This week we caught up with Sophie Yesufu. Sophie was a knitwear designer for 10 years before transitioning into styling. She is now filling our insta feeds with her amazing picks and inspirational outfits! We asked her for her very experienced view on trend, colour and her must have picks from our sale.

Wide Leg Trousers £130.00, Vest Sophie's own

It’s been a crazy old year hasn't it! Our lives have certainly changed and with that, our buying habits. We are hearing a lot about trends merging or ‘disappearing’.. How do you see the future of trends evolving?

Sophie - Yes, this year has certainly been unexpected. Who could have predicted 2020! I think trends are merging more and more because people are buying smarter and buying investment pieces that have longevity. I think environmental issues have and will continue to affect how people buy. It’s all circular, so as buying trends change, trends adapt to this change too and I think they will continue to do so.

I don’t see this as a problem though, change is good. It can be daunting and unknown but ultimately it’s for the better. I think trends will continue to merge but there’s always room for them. I mean, we all need inspiration and macro trends come from so many outside factors - politics, the environment, social aspects and I think we will always be influenced in this way.

You are definitely right, I think most people want to make their wardrobes work harder and for longer. What are your best tips for doing this?

Sophie - I would say concentrate on your basics first and then layer on pieces that you love. Make sure you have a well fitting pair of jeans, a comfy cotton vest top and a staple shirt then buy quality pieces you love that will last. Don’t buy on impulse, which I know is easier said than done! I used to be the ultimate impulse buyer!

Experiment with what you own, try each pieces a few different ways.  If it's not working, don’t just hold on to it, give it to charity or sell it. Don’t just keep things for the sake of it because we all know you’ll never wear it anyway.

Basket Weave Knit £80, Trousers Sophie's own

How do you work out how to mix and match the pieces you wear?

Sophie - I guess I just play around with it. I like to mix textures and if I feel too girly I always add trainers or boots. I also do a lot of vintage and secondhand shopping too, which I think helps to diversify my wardrobe, as I then mix and match those pieces too.

I take lots inspiration from bloggers and Pinterest.  If I see an outfit I like I’ll try and re-create it with what I have already. 

What are the key shapes you see carrying on from this summer to next?

Definitely the midi dress, I’ll be styling it with Dr Marten Boots and a jumper most likely. The shirt too, especially if it has a big collar or blouson sleeves. Finally, the blazer as it’s the ultimate layering piece! 

From Left to Right - Hoxton Check Blazer now £75.00, Flare now £65.00, Batwing Shirt now £39.00, Skye Midi Dress now £89.00

You have the most beautiful insta feed full of colour! What are your tips for wearing colour confidently?

Sophie - Aww thank you! That’s so kind of you to say! It’s funny because a few years ago I didn’t wear much colour and think it’s just evolved over time, without realising.

I’d say don’t be scared of colour, start small. Try an accessory, like a scrunchie or handbag, it can really make an outfit! Then, when you feel more confident a colourful coat can really uplift a look! That’s why I’m so in love with my lilac Palones coat!

Lastly, take inspiration from others and the environment around you. Colour is everywhere and you can often look around for ways to pair colours. If you like it and it makes you feel good then job done!

From Left to Right - Pleat Slv Duster now £110.00, Wide Leg Trousers now £75.00

Where did you inspiration for your page come from?
So my page is called @maggiesstyleedit because my middle name is Margaret. My Grandma on my Mum's side was also named Margaret and although I never met her we had quite a few similarities. She was really creative and wanted to be a fashion designer but because of the Second World War she went to work at my Grandad's engineering company in the drawing room. After that, she went down a different path but fashion design remained her dream.

A few years ago, I found some of her old fashion illustrations in my parents loft. They were so amazing, so I got them framed for our house. From there, I always knew I wanted to continue her name in something that I did. When I set up an Instagram account that's where it all started! 

Finally can we ask you what your AW must haves are?

Sophie - My AW must haves are a wool midi coat, oversized blazer, a big collared shirt, cashmere jumper (thats one that you’ll have forever if you look after it), a slip dress and some chunky boots. I have my eye on some Ganni ones! You also can’t go wrong with Dr Martens. 

From Left to Right - Scarlett Wool Boyfriend Blazer now £89.00,  Belted Wool Robe Coat now £59.00, Croydon Pu Trench now £99.00

Sophie is currently building her Personal Styling Website but if you would like to find out more about her services or for any price information you can find her on Instagram @maggiesstyleedit or on email
Sophie is based in Manchester.