Using beautiful unused fabric

Using beautiful unused fabric

This week we’d like to talk about why and how we use carefully sourced archive fabrics to make our clothes wherever possible.

Well, the why is simple. We source existing fabric because there’s enough beautiful material in the world already. By avoiding making more unnecessarily we greatly reduce our footprint.

Palones Scarlett Boyfriend Blazer

Oversized Scarlett Boyfriend made using carefully sourced archive fabrics


You wouldn’t believe what’s sitting around out there if you really look. We often find rolls of wonderful cloth that’s been commissioned by luxury design houses and never used.

Which means we can offer very high-quality garments at a fraction of the cost of other brands using very similar or the same fabric.


Kimmi Deconstructed Wide Leg Trouser and Dulwich Sepia Duster made using carefully sourced archive fabrics


We source the material from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Romania and Italy. Sourcing always comes first, then our designer designs into it.

Once a style goes into production, we always use a factory that is close to the mill where the material has been sourced. This eliminates the need to transport stock across long distances and further reduces our footprint.

 As well as using archive fabric wherever possible, we also aim to always use recycled buttons, buckles and zips to save wastage.


Palones Belted Jumpsuit

Pleated Belted Jumpsuit made using carefully sourced archive fabrics


Our clothes are designed to feel good when you wear them. And knowing that we’ve considered our impact on the environment at every stage of the design, manufacture and distribution stages makes us feel good too.

Here are some of our designer, Kimmi’s top picks using carefully sourced archive fabrics and recycled trims.

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 Palones Scarlett Boyfriend Blazer

Dulwich Sepia Duster / Debbie Spot Dress / Asymmetric Pussy Bow BlouseDebbie High Low Midi Dress / Croydon PU Skirt



Photography by Chuck Bae / CB Studio