What is it to be bold?

What is it to be bold?

We believe that the answer to that is a simple one - bold is having the courage to be yourself.

It’s saying what you mean, not what you think someone else wants to hear. It’s setting out with an idea in your mind and seeing it through, intact. After all, isn’t it better to be the best version of you, rather than a second-best version of someone else?



We started Palones about a year ago. It was just an idea back then. We sold our first garment 6-months later. We did it because each of us had the desire to live a little bolder. To create something that we truly believed in.

Collectively, we have many years of experience supplying clothes to the high street. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that. Quite the opposite, we had a lot of fun doing it, and we’ll always be grateful to the many talented people we met and worked with along the way. But, in the back of our minds we wanted our own label – a brand that we could call our own with the freedom to create garments that closed the gap between what was in our minds, and what was on our rails. I guess you could say, we wanted to be ourselves.

The result is a collection that swims against the mainstream. But it’s not different for the sake of being different. Whilst our clothing delivers with colour, confidence and daring proportions, it’s also very wearable.

Palones Luna Cross Back Tie Dye Trench

We always take a bold approach to the way we design and make our clothes, and we hope some of that spirit rubs off on the women who wear them.

This week we’ve created an edit of some of our boldest designs. They’re bold in both colour and shape. From the oversize, Lilac Pleat Sleeve SB Duster to our Luna Cross Back Tie Dye Trench, our garments are intended to inspire confidence. Of course, clothes alone can’t empower, that spirit has to come from within, but feeling good in an outfit sure can help.


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Palones SS20

Lilac Pleat Sleeve SB DusterSkye Ruffle Shimmer DressLisa Tie Dye Midi DressLilac Paper Bag Waisted Bermuda ShortsLuna Cross Back Tie Dye TrenchLilac Paper Bag Waist Wide Leg Trouser



Thanks for reading.

We hope you have a wonderful week.

Go boldly.  Do great things.