A word on awareness.

Our clothes are designed to make women feel good. Because guess what, the better clothes feel, the more they’re worn. Not forgotten about or thrown away after a few wears.

We actively design new collections to be matched with previous styles so that our clothes are resistant to trend and can be worn year after year.

As much as possible, we always aim to use existing, carefully selected, archive fabrics and recycled components for our range. We figure there’s more than enough beautiful material in the world already.

Our delivery boxes are made from fully recycled cardboard and are themselves fully recyclable. We use sturdy boxes so that you can then re-use them when returning garments.

The mills that we source our fabrics from are always local to the factories where our garments are made. This reduces the need to transport materials between facilities. Again, reducing our footprint.

We believe in people and quality of life, so our garments are manufactured in ethical and compliant manufacturing facilities in Europe and the Far East that are controlled under our technical, ethical and sustainability teams at source.

To us, waste is the enemy. It’s an attitude we embrace across all aspects of our lives. Whether we’re designing and manufacturing our clothes…

…or just filling our time with everything we love.