London Contemporary Design

Our city breathes its cultures – all of them. It’s alive in the quirks and the colours, the people and the places. It’s in every creative heart and all those who dare to dare greatly. It inspires everything we do.

Back to Brave.

After gaining many years of experience designing and supplying clothes to the high-street, we decided it was time to do our own thing. Combining our skills and expertise, we set out to create a womenswear brand that closed the gap between what’s in our minds and what’s on our rails. We swim against the mainstream with a mission to consciously create clothing that delivers with colour, confidence and daring proportions. Detail is at the heart of everything we do. Life inspired, our garments contain little design quirks that make them fun and different, and more practical elements that mean they can be styled and adapted in different ways - day to night, work to play. For us fit is first for a simple reason – clothes feel good when they fit well. We believe that great fitting, imaginatively designed clothes can inspire confidence, change our posture, even the way we walk. We rigorously challenge our fits by checking them against a range of women that are the same size but different shapes to ensure we capture the best measurements. Then, using the latest 3D technology, we create a virtual avatar that we design and fit our clothes to. It means that, whatever your shape, our clothes will fit you perfectly. It also ensures our fit is consistent across our range. The result is a collection of go-to pieces that are always there waiting to make you feel good. Just like an old friend.